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I conducted a Terraform workshop internally for my org. I realized that most of the Terraform tutorials try to emphasize more on creating different types of resources i.e. EC2, ELB, etc. while forgetting that the audience is one who has already created such resources from the console and is looking for a guided best practice approach for doing the same using Terraform.

Hence, instead of teaching users how to create X in Terraform, I flipped the approach to simulate a simple VPC setup through S3 i.e. Create S3 buckets which specify:

  1. 1 VPC
  2. 1 ELB with public subnet + 1 public security group
  3. 2 instances behind ELB in private subnet + 1 private security group

This is faster to run, keeps focus on how to use Terraform rather than specifics of different types of resources and also allows us to show resource dependency i.e. an ELB bucket is tagged with the VPC name - hence forcing Terraform to create VPC before ELB.

The approach seemed successfull and we could progress from a single-file, unmaintainable Terraform setup in assignment-1 to a clean, modular setup in assignment-9.

Here is the material for the same:

  1. Slides accompanying the workshop
  2. Workshop assignments
  3. Sample Terraform module created for the workshop

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