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You need Nginx as a reverse proxy ACL manager for your Elasticsearch cluster if:

  1. You are using AWS Elasticsearch. You would have noticed by now that as of this writing their Kibana UI does not come with X-Pack plugins for Role based access controls. This means that all the users in your org can:
    • Create/read/update/delete searches, visualizations, dashboards.
    • Mess around with the admin controls.
  2. Conversely if you run your own Elasticsearch cluster and you want to try out simple multi-level ACL (read-only, normal and admin user) without paying for the X-Pack feature, then you will need to put something in between your users and Kibana UI to allow/block operations.

This is the setup. Follow the README and profit. Check nginx/config/kibana.conf for details on how I implemented the ACLs. Basically it was a cycle of going through the calls made by Kibana UI and blocking/allowing the right calls for the right users. Simple and effective.

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