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Amazfit Bip is a simple, no-nonsense smartwatch. For a user with basic needs it serves the purpose really well.

I liked one of the following stock digital watch faces that it provides:

Amazfit default watchface

But there were some glaring limitations in it that I wanted to fix:

  1. It has a seconds display - which is a drain on the battery because the display refreshes every second.
  2. There is no way of knowing how much battery is left - the current indication might be for 15, 20, 30%.
  3. There are no icons for - bluetooth, alarm, dnd or watch lock status.
  4. There is no 24h display variant of this watchface.

I browsed several watch faces on the Amazfit watch faces site in the hope that someone might have noticed the same things as I did, and hopefully fixed them. But I couldn’t find any fixes for the above.

I ranted about the same on reddit, got some initial help, poked around a bit and found the instructions to modify watchfaces on this thread. It just required some basic image editing and json config changes.

Did that and I released 2 versions of my work:

  1. Digital progress meter with icons
  2. Digital progress meter with icons v2

This is a gif of the v2 watchface that I created:

Amazfit default watchface

Lesson learnt:

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