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Creating custom watchfaces for Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip is a simple, no-nonsense smartwatch. For a user with basic needs it serves the purpose really well.

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Elasticsearch with Kibana ACLs through Nginx

You need Nginx as a reverse proxy ACL manager for your Elasticsearch cluster if:

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Terraform workshop

I conducted a Terraform workshop internally for my org. I realized that most of the Terraform tutorials try to emphasize more on creating different types of resources i.e. EC2, ELB, etc. while for...

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Switching between AWS profiles using zsh completion

This blog post shows you a simple way to switch between different AWS profiles on the command line.

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Fixing golang present tool limitations by LaTeX

Golang present tool is very handy for creating quick, minimal presentations. Install the package, edit a text file and start serving. Text files are easier to manage than a bloated desktop presenta...

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Using Makefiles with Terraform

Terraform is a great tool for provisioning infrastructure. One of the best practices that evolve over time as you play more with Terraform, is a directory structure that works best for your project...

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SLA driven metrics

Every organization’s internal monitoring setup has a variety of environments it caters to, with varying levels of alerting mechanisms (email, slack, pagerduty, etc.) and response time expectations....

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Wrote a nifty little tool - slotter - to slot items into pre-defined slots.

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Ever waited on a long running ‘du -sh’?

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